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Coronavirus Statemment

Family is our number one priority at Destination Reunions, and that certainly includes yours. We want you to make the best decisions for your family’s well-being and know that we are here when you’re ready to reconnect and decompress on a well-planned reunion.

Everyone deserves something to look forward to, and we will all need a break to reconnect with others once the recovery begins. Travel industry suppliers have gone to unprecedented lengths in waiving cancellation fees, offering credits and managing this stressful situation for their clients.

As you look to book your next getaway, consider the following.

  • Look for flexible cancellation policies Hotels and vacation rental owners are being encouraged to adopt flexible policies for cancellations and refunds.
  • Consider adding trip insuranceAdding travel insurance to your reservation may cover your non-refundable trip costs if you have to cancel because you or a companion gets sick or injured before or during your trip.
  • Look for something closer to home You might want to opt for a family vacation within driving distance instead of a long flight. Find a place where you and your relatives can all be just far enough from home to feel like a vacation.

We understand the hesitation to travel in light of the recent COVID-19 and rest assured we will be here with you through the recovery to ensure a smooth process.


We are thrilled to announce the publication of the first edition of Destination Reunions! 

23 featured destinations with hundreds of attractions will inspire your next reunion getaway. No matter the interests and ages in your group, we have something for everyone with attractions including rollercoasters, historical museums, waterslides, parks, theaters, zoos, shopping, sporting events, hiking trails, children’s museums, aquariums, dining, water activities, wildlife parks, open spaces, and much more.  Start exploring here.

A pair of feature stories also helps you plan the right type of gathering with fresh ideas.  How to plan an amazing theme park reunion is covered along with the growing trend of skip-gen travel, in which grandparents travel with grandchildren to form special bonds.  

Finally, we help ease the burden of stressful elements of reunion planning with feature stories offering advice and tools to utilize in the area of budgeting, selecting accommodations, and planning activities.