Fun and Games at Your Next Reunion

One of the most important elements of any reunion is the games and entertainment. The Fun and Games at your Next Reunion guide will help you budget, plan, and brainstorm for games.

Engaging everyone with a fun game is an excellent way to get the ball rolling at your reunion. Games and activities get people interacting and help reunion guests who perhaps haven’t seen each other in years may share many interests. This FREE 15-page guide, brought to you by the team at Destination Reunions has everything you need to get people outside their comfort zone in a good way and prevent people from being excluded. 

FAMILY REUNION GAMES to Keep the whole family entertained 

Some of What’s Inside

Fun and Games at Your Next Reunion covers all the important elements of orchestrating interactive, fun games at your next reunion, with special consideration to those things that planners might not think about – gathering materials, sorting out activities by age group and fitness level considerations.

Setting up games for all ages and ability levels and choosing activities that appeal to a wide array of people who may have differing interests will help ensure everyone has a good time and leaves with great memories. That will help you with future reunions as well, as everyone will look forward to the next big game down the road!

Whether groups want to focus on indoor games, technology-based games, outdoor activities, or board games, or any mix of these, this free guide has over 100 suggestions and practical tips for all those possibilities.


  • Finding the right time for games and activities
  • Identify materials you’ll need
  • Venue and location considerations
  • Establishing a games budget
  • Planning around age groups and fitness levels 
  • Bonus: 102 Games to Play at Your Next Reunion
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