Fun and Games at Your Next Reunion

One of the most important elements of any reunion is the games and entertainment. The Fun and Games at your Next Reunion guide will help you budget, plan, and brainstorm for games.

Accounting for fun, games, and downtime can be a great way to take a break from the stress of planning a reunion but many planners let entertainment for their reunion slip through the cracks. You can’t just wing it and expect people to entertain themselves. That’s where a new guide from the Destination Reunions team, Fun and Games at your Next Reunion will help readers through planning, selecting and budgeting games for any type of reunion.

Ideas to Keep the whole family entertained 

Some of What’s Inside

Fun and Games at Your Next Reunion covers all the important elements of orchestrating fun and games at a reunion, especially things that readers might not think about. Like gathering materials, sorting out by age group and fitness level considerations. Whether groups want to focus on indoor games, technology-based games, outdoor activities, or board games, or any mix of these, this guide has over 100 suggestions and practical tips for all those possibilities.

Don’t Forget About Budgeting

An important part about planning for reunion activities is budgeting properly for them. Even on a tight budget, there are still options they can take to ensure a great, fun experience for all involved. As long as hosts have a solid budget and open communication with their guests, planning for these type of activities can be a breeze.

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