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Planning a reunion or multi-generational family vacation can be an immense undertaking. Our free guides and whitepapers help lessen the time spent on research, budgeting and planning activities. Click on the download button for easy access any of our guides!

Essential Accommodation Tips for an
Unforgettable Reunion

Hotels have long been an accommodation of choice for reunions thanks to their convenience, consistency and amenities. However, reunion planners can now select from traditional lodging like hotels, resorts, and bed and breakfasts, or something less conventional like a ranch, RVs, glamping, or home rentals. These alternative accommodations offer reunions plenty of similar benefits that a hotel does, but with a different environment in which to spend time with each other.

By weighing the pros and cons of these accommodations, this whitepaper aims to assist reunion organizers in the planning process and help them select the best home base for their vacation.

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reunion budgeting whitepaper

Budgeting for a Reunion

When your aim is a fun get-together, nobody likes a costly surprise.

Understanding the costs involved in reunion planning is the first step to navigating your budgeting challenges. There are many tools you can use to help plan your budget, as well as to minimize your expenses.

This guide will offer multiple options for tools alongside suggestions for creating and sticking to your budget.

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Fun and Games at Your Next Reunion

Playing games and attending activities are paramount to having fun and relaxing. Games and activities bring people together and are an excellent way to use downtime or can be used as a cornerstone to build the entire reunion around. It’s central to the overall success and likely retention rate of any future reunions. We’ve prioritized the fundamentals of planning your games and activities in order for your reunion to be a hit!

This paper outlines Destination Reunions’ approach to games and activities and their collective importance at your next reunion.

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