You don’t have to break the bank in order to host a family reunion

Some of What’s Inside

When your aim is a fun get-together, nobody likes a costly surprise. Whether it’s a large family gathering, high school reunion or even a reunion of some old friends, everyone should be spending their time enjoying themselves and not worrying about trip expenses. This is the idea behind the family reunion budgeting guide, a free downloadable guide that discusses what to plan for, ways to save and how to eliminate last-minute expenses.

The biggest expenses when holding a reunion include venues, lodging, travel, entertainment, and food and drink. But there are ways to save money. The free guide lists questions to ask when planning a reunion, offers ways to get group discounts and discusses what to save and splurge on. 

To help budget for a reunion of any size, the guide offers options on how to create a budget, suggests several expense-tracking apps and includes a budgeting sheet for listing all expenses.

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