Family Cruises: Are Luxury Cruises a Good Option?


Family cruises and luxe sailings have long been popular travel methods thanks to their comfort, convenience and unique ports of call

While there’s a stereotype that it’s mostly older adults and seniors taking cruise trips, recent trends show cruise lines are becoming a trend among families. Cruises are seeing an uptick in younger passengers and have been making accommodations more welcoming for them. A market report from notes that a big trend for cruise lines is amenities for kids and teens. These include waterparks and kids’ clubs, making ships more welcoming for the youth coming along with their parents on vacation. While luxury cruises are becoming more kid-friendly, you may still wonder if it’s the best travel option for groups exploring family cruises. Here’s why luxe cruises can be a good option for families:

Luxe Family Cruises Sometimes Offer Price Deals and Reduced Fares

Travel isn’t cheap, and costs can quickly rack up if you bring the whole family along. Fortunately, many luxury cruises are beginning to offer more deals and reduced fees for children and teens. MSC Cruises offers a Kids Sail Free program throughout the year, where children under eighteen can travel for free. The one condition is that kids should be in the same cabin as their parents. This can help make traveling with family much more affordable.

Family cruises can offer Kids Sail Free options.

MSC Kids Sail Free programs are perfect for family cruises. Photo credit: Flickr

Some deals from MSC Cruises include discounted fares, cabin upgrades, or free Wi-Fi and beverage packages that can make the trip cost less. The Kids Sail Free program can be combined with other deals, such as the discount program for healthcare workers and active-duty or retired military. If you have older kids, limited-time sales can further help cut costs. Luxury cruises are a great option for the family if you want to enjoy a delightful experience at a lower price.

Luxury Cruises Provide Immersive Experiences

If your children are on the older side and more curious to explore the world, luxury cruises with great destination itineraries and onboard experiences are ideal. Your family can enjoy riveting travel that connects you to each place and moment. Explora Journeys has been transforming luxury cruises into ocean journeys, offering trips to enticing destinations to create lifelong memories. You can explore once-in-a-lifetime locations such as the Red Sea, Arabian Peninsula & India or uncover hidden gems closer to home when touring the US & Canada along with the Pacific Coast & Hawaii.

Onboard, the activities are just as immersive as the tours. The cruise’s culinary experiences are diverse, distinct, and match the regions you’ll visit. Your kids can try new foods to broaden their dining horizons and learn about other cultures. Luxury cruises ensure that your family isn’t just getting a unique vacation experience but that you’ll all come out of it with a newfound perspective and appreciation for the world.

Enjoyable Attractions and Activities for All Ages Abound on Family Cruises

Luxury cruises aren’t always about fine dining, relaxing spas, or other amenities typically catered to adults; many luxe family cruises offer fun attractions and activities suitable for kids and teens. These cruises ensure that passengers of all generations can have fun and enjoy a space meant for them, regardless of age. There are many top luxury cruise lines featuring fun attractions for children and teens. Their ships feature onboard water parks, kids’ and teens’ clubs, production shows, and non-stop entertainment. Some of their newest cruises even have a thrilling top-deck roller coaster.

MSC family cruises

MSC Grandiose family cruises can include a fun waterpark. Photo credit: Flickr

But even with the wide variety of kid-friendly areas, adults onboard can have fun too. Adults-Only Retreats provide parents or grandparents with some much-needed relaxation and peace. When the whole family is ready to reunite on the ship, you can enjoy the various restaurants where everyone can find something to their taste, or you can retreat to your lavish cabins with multi-bedroom suites to prepare another fun day tomorrow. Choosing a luxury cruise with multigenerational amenities can ensure each family member has something to enjoy.

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