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Let this year be one of escapades and experiences with custom-made luxury travel indulgences

After a couple of years of learning to live with less, many of us are eager to experience living with more. And that’s especially true when it comes to travel. Whether it’s personalized services, exotic locations, exclusive opportunities or simply experiencing the world in the upmost of comfort and quality, luxury travel is on the rise.

According to Skift’s recent State of Travel 2022 report, almost 30% of travelers say their vacation budgets are higher after COVID-19 — and there are plenty of hotels, cruise operators, and tour companies happy to oblige. But as with so many things in life, the definition of ‘luxury’ is open to debate. While the word itself suggests a higher price tag, luxury travel is much richer (pun intended) than that. It often offers more access to and a deeper understanding of the local culture, including unique opportunities to experience the true authenticity of a location, which offers a one-two punch of benefitting the traveler as well as those who call the area home and their communities.

Here, we offer a glimpse into some of the best group luxury travel experiences on our radar.

Photo courtesy of Four Seasons Resort and Residences Jackson Hole
Photo courtesy of Four Seasons Resort and Residences Jackson Hole

Luxury Stargazing in Jackson Hole, WY

Set in the heart of the American West in a verdant mountain valley, the Jackson Hole Four Seasons Resort and Residences showcases Mother Nature in all her glory with the bonus of spare-no-expense accommodations, including private retreats ranging from two- to five-bedrooms. Indulge in a concierge-organized evening of stargazing in the Grand Teton National Park with the resort’s in-house astronomer or get up close and personal with the area’s wildlife (bears, bison, elk, and wolves) with a private group safari. Share your experiences around the table with a catered dinner from an in-residence chef.

A safari offers a front row seat to amazing wildlife.
A safari offers a front row seat to amazing wildlife.

Animal Encounters on an Luxury African Safari

Or maybe you prefer your animal encounters on the more exotic side. These days, safaris can offer a front-row seat to incredible wildlife as well as exceptional lodging and food. Jacada travel specializes in crafting bespoke luxury African safaris with supporting local conservation initiatives as a focus. Your next group adventure could include an ultimate Kenyan safari with lodging at Giraffe Manor, a pristine sanctuary that features its namesake animal wandering the grounds of the lavish property.

Photo courtesy of Royal Mansour
Photo courtesy of Royal Mansour

Luxury Travel Experiences in Marrakech, Morocco

At Marrakech’s recently renovated Royal Mansour, wellness treatments, unique kid-centric activities, and gourmet food make for happy bedfellows at the palace-like resort, which features 53 multi-level private residences decorated with custom-made furniture, colorful rugs, and hand-carved wood ceilings. Start your day with a morning swim, followed by a stroll in the lush gardens, before heading to the spa for some well-deserved pampering. Gather the gang for one of the North African property’s signature workshops, which range from cooking and art therapy to mixology and pastry-making.

Vancouver Island Luxury Travel

Accessible only by seaplane, Vancouver Island’s Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge features 600-acres of wild nature reserve paired with five-star cuisine and 20 luxury tents that can accommodate up to 50 guests. River kayaking, equestrian adventures, zip lining, clay shooting, and mountain biking, in addition to hot springs and an on-site spa, are a few of the activities that can be included in your group’s itinerary. The sustainable, locally grown, and foraged ingredients used in the resort’s dining experiences offer a literal taste of this wild-west playground.

If your group prefers a home away from home kind of setting, Mainstay, a two-acre luxury estate in the heart of Southampton, has plenty of offer. This nine-bedroom farmhouse-chic villa features a pool surrounded by plenty of lounge chairs, manicured gardens, and a deluxe backyard grill. Inside, the elegant setting includes a screening room, a gourmet-style kitchen, and a formal dining room. Private chefs are available through Mainstay’s concierge service.

Exclusive Luxury Private Cruises

Specializing in small ship cruises, adventure trips, and custom travel planning for individuals as well as groups, AdventureSmith Explorations utilizes small ships and lodges designed to explore the world up close and in style. Their curated trips are crafted with an eye towards protecting the area’s natural surroundings, supporting the local community, and providing an expert’s knowledge of the wilderness of the regions they explore. As a family-owned business, AdventureSmith Explorations taps into their own experience of traveling with family to help design the best personalized trips for others with destinations ranging from Alaska and Hawaii to the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.

Immersive, luxurious, and personalized trips are the area of expertise of Black Tomato, which places an emphasis on the rare, undiscovered, and authentic for its global adventures. The innovative travel company predicts that travelers in 2023 will be bolder and braver, replacing the nostalgia vibe of 2022, including those traveling in groups. Past Black Tomato curated group travel trips have included the takeover of a private island in The Grenadines for a week, a 20-night trip to Indonesia and Australia complete with heli-surfing Bali’s best waves and private temple fire dances, and a luxury camping experience in the Wahiba Sands desert of southwestern Asia’s Oman with quad biking and camel rides.

Luxury travel that’s affordable can help you travel enjoyably and with less stress. If you’d like to learn more about luxury travel that’s affordable, be sure to Subscribe for FREE to Destination Reunion and stay up to date on the lates reunion travel information.

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