What You Should Do During Your Family Reunion

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Family reunions are unique, fun, and memorable. Whether it’s a small intimate gathering or a grandiose generational affair, family reunions are great for forming lasting bonds.

However, planning your family reunion can be daunting, and organizing activities that everyone can partake in and enjoy is challenging. Luckily, here is a brief guide on what you should do during your family reunion.

Enjoy a Traditional Meal

One of the best ways for the whole family to get to know each other is by sharing a homecooked meal. Here, you have numerous options, like having family members bring their unique recipes for the reunion.

If your family traces its roots to a particular region or country, you can enjoy a traditional meal from that locale. For instance, if your family has Italian roots, traditional dishes such as polenta, lasagna, or ravioli can spark memories and nostalgia for home.

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A family reunion isn’t complete without fun games. Once again, you have plenty of options, like organizing a scavenger hunt with a list of family-specific items to find and vague clues to keep things interesting.

You can also play minute-to-win games that involve completing tasks within a minute. There are plenty of family-centric games, like naming the most relatives. Other fun family games include board games, obstacle races, relays races, and more. Our Fun and Games at Your Next Reunion guide will help you budget, plan, and brainstorm for games.

Going Down Memory Lane

A list of what you should do during your family reunion wouldn’t be complete without a trip down memory lane. Watching old family videos or digging up old family photos make for fun and memorable moments.

Have your family members bring their favorite old videos and photos for this activity. Everyone can curl up and go down memory lane. Additionally, they can provide interesting backstories and context to the videos and pictures. A family reunion is bound to have a vast collection of media, so make sure you organize your photo collection and make it ready to showcase.

Stage a Family Talent Show and Trivia

Every family member has a hidden talent (well, almost everyone). A family reunion is one of the best ways to feature these talents. The intimate setting can help the anxious ones tackle their stage fright. Witnessing your great-grandma or Aunt Betty belting out their favorite songs makes for incredible memories.

Before the show, throw some family trivia into the mix. Family trivia is perfect for breaking the ice, and everyone can learn a lot about their history and relations.

Create a Time Capsule

Time capsules are a great way to capture the special moments of a family reunion. Each family member can contribute something exciting and unique to a time capsule.

Store or bury the time capsule in a safe place. You can agree to open it in three, five, or 10 years. You can even open the capsule at the next family reunion and make it a family tradition.

Now that you have some inspiration for what you should do during your family’s reunion, you’re sure to throw a party that the whole family will remember!

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