If you’re planning a winter reunion, why not travel in an RV to a lesser-known spot? You’re sure to have a fun, unique experience with these destinations.

The temperatures outside might have you thinking otherwise, but winter can be a great time to have a reunion with scattered family members or friends. There activities that you can only do in the snow, and you can also travel to warmer regions if you don’t want to be freezing. Plus, what better time is there to get together with those you are close to than the holidays? To make things even more interesting, you could travel in an RV so that you can camp in the most scenic locations and not miss any of the sights along the way. Here a few underrated winter destinations in North America that you can drive to.

Savannah, Georgia

Because of its southern location, Savannah doesn’t experience extreme winters like the other destinations on this list. This could be a plus, depending on who you’re planning a reunion with. Savannah may not be the largest city, but it has a rich history as the oldest city in Georgia and quite a few significant establishments that date back to early America. For instance, the Georgia State Railroad Museum is located at the site of the Central of Georgia Railway, which is the oldest antebellum railroad complex still standing in the United States.

Sun Valley, Idaho

If your group would rather convene in an area that embodies the winter season, Sun Valley has just what you’re looking for. With Bald Mountain nearby, you’ll get to enjoy a renowned set of ski runs that range in difficulty from beginner to advanced levels. After you’ve had your fill of the slopes for a day, you can go into town to try some of the local cuisine and explore the quaint streets. RV parks are located right near the downtown area, so you can easily take in nature and the town.

Cape May, New Jersey

Head to New England and visit Cape May for a seaside setting. Although many RVers tend to visit in the warmer months, you’ll find pretty Victorian buildings and numerous holiday decorations and festivities around town during the winter. Check out Cape May Lighthouse for a nice elevated view of the surrounding area, or walk along Washington Street, where you can visit the shops and dining options on foot.

What are you waiting for? Perform the necessary preparations and winter RV maintenance, and take a road trip to meet with your group in a special reunion to remember.