Top 4 Tips for Visiting Yosemite With Your Family

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Yosemite National Park contains one of the most beautiful landscapes in America. Featuring hundreds of miles of scenic trails, mountains, and natural scenery, traveling to this park is a journey every family should take.

However, planning the trip can seem daunting. Nevertheless, here are the top four tips for visiting Yosemite with your family.

Figure Out How Long You Want To Stay and Book Well in Advance

Yosemite is one of the most popular national parks in the country, so naturally, you want to plan your trip well in advance to beat the crowds. First, even though Yosemite is open all year, deciding which season you want to visit the park gives you a better idea of what activities will be available during your stay.

Spring is generally the best time to visit, but plan to stay for at least a few nights no matter when you decide to go. The park is enormous, and many travelers are unaware that different nature areas of the park are one to two hours away from each other by car. Staying for more than one day gives you enough time to see as much of the park as you would like.

Decide Where You Want To Stay Based on Your Itinerary

Although there are numerous places to stay nearby, you need to book your stay early to find the best lodging inside the park. Learning about the different trails, areas, and nature in the park helps you decide where to lodge. If you are bringing children or seniors who stay active to Yosemite for a reunion, choose hiking trails with less difficulty for your visit.

Be sure to research whether you need to apply for permits to visit some of the locations on your itinerary. Receiving an unfriendly visit from the park ranger is the last thing you want on your family’s vacation.

When You Arrive, Get There Early

If you are driving into the park, get there while it’s still light out because the roads are slender and meandering. Come ready with a full tank of gas because there are no gas stations within the park grounds. Instead, take advantage of the free shuttle that brings visitors to some of the park’s most popular areas.

Always Prioritize Safety During Your Trip

Even though Yosemite is enjoyable for the whole family, it is still a natural location with wild animals. Following the directions from all the signs throughout the park ensures that your trip will stay pleasant because it’s dangerous to cross streams and wade through the waters. Also, do not leave any food in your car, tent, or resting spot to avoid encountering a bear.

While hiking, keep a watchful eye on children and the elderly if the elevation increases. Choosing a leveled trail, packing a stroller for your child, and bringing a cane for a parent or relative are a few tips for visiting Yosemite with your family that will help you avoid trouble.

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