Tips for Planning a Cross-Country Road Trip

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It’s officially the season for travel and fun across the US. Learn a few tips for planning a cross-country road trip to help your adventure go smoothly.

As spring break season quickly approaches, many families and friend groups are using this as an opportunity to schedule a reunion. With beautiful weather and fun on the horizon, these events aren’t just a great way to see loved ones, but to experience the countryside as well. So if you’re looking to pack up your car and set out on an adventure you won’t soon forget, use these tips for planning a cross-country road trip.

Create a Map and Itinerary

In order to make it to your destination on time, it’s crucial that your trip planning begins with creating a designated route and itinerary. This will ensure that even a few detours or sidetracks don’t put you off your pace for too long. Having your route planned ahead of time will also guarantee that you hit each landmark you wanted to on the way.

Schedule Reservations in Advance

Once you know what towns you’ll be stopping in along your route, make sure you take the time to make the appropriate reservations. In doing so, not only will it be easier to find accommodations, but you’ll also have the time to compare prices and get the best possible deal.

Remember to Make Time for Breaks

Though you’re trying to get to your destination as quickly as you can, it’s important that you take the occasional break to recuperate from the drive. Unfortunately, failing to do so can result in fatigue and a potential accident. So before you leave, make sure you familiarize yourself with the signs you need to take a break while driving and set aside enough time to get some much-needed rest.

Think About Your Pets

Whether your pets are coming along for the ride or are staying home, you’ll need a plan for how they’re cared for during your trip. If they’re coming with you, this will involve finding pet-friendly hotel accommodations. But if they’re staying home, this might involve finding a pet sitter who can stop by your home. Either way, knowing that your pet is taken care of will ensure that you enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Be Prepared for Anything

When setting out on a long road trip, it can be tempting to pack light to avoid carting around heavy bags the entire time. However, you need to be sure to pack for certain occasions as well as for your daily routine. This way, you’re prepared for whatever the open road throws your way. From unexpected weather conditions to sudden detours, packing a few extra snacks and a raincoat can keep you comfortable when you need it most.

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