The Top 4 Best Bike Vacation Spots in America


Traveling across the country is an exciting vacation idea, but your options can feel limited when you have a passion for cycling. However, riding on two wheels doesn’t mean you need to exchange your urban environment for a rural one.

There are numerous cities in America where the biking community thrives, but this list only covers four of them. Here are the top four best bike vacation spots in America.

Explore The Mountains in Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado, is a picturesque city for bike lovers. Not only do riders get to explore trails with mountains, but they can also take advantage of the approximately 300 days of sunshine the city receives per year.

Boulder also boasts some of the most innovative cycling infrastructures in the country, thanks to the city’s strong biking culture. Planning a family reunion is a breeze, thanks to over 300 miles of bike lanes connecting locations inside and outside the city.

Travel Affordably in Davis, California

Davis, California, is smaller than most tourist destinations, but it’s a must-see location for any cycling enthusiast. Some people know it as Bike City, USA, and the Bike Capital of America because it was the first city to construct bike lanes.

The Davis Bike Loop is a path that takes you around the city’s landscape, and on the way, you can stop by the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame. If you still need convincing that Davis is a premier biking destination, the city’s symbol is a bicycle. There are tire pumps and repair shops all over the city, so don’t worry if you get a flat tire on a group ride.

Traverse The Green Terrain in Seattle, Washington

Although Seattle is known as Rain City, it’s an exciting location for bikers who want to explore wet cityscapes. Seattle’s Bicycle Master Plan created thousands of new bicycle parking spots, miles of bike lanes, and more improvements to the city’s bike infrastructure since its formation in 2007.

Outside the city, there are a few trails that showcase the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. In addition, the city puts on the Seattle Bicycle Expo every year, which is the largest consumer bicycle trade show in the country. Cycling enthusiasts ride year-round in Seattle, thanks to the Bike Smart Seattle program that hands out materials about cycling to educate the public.

Ride Lakeside in Chicago, Illinois

As one of the country’s biggest transportation hubs, Chicago is a worthy inclusion for the best bike vacation spots in America. The Windy City has over 170 miles of bike lanes within its vicinity, including the Lakefront Trail, a stunning 18-mile path that runs parallel to Lake Michigan.

Chicago’s South Suburbs have arguably the best bike trail system in all of the Chicagoland area with many easy rides along golf courses and forest preserves. The Bloomingdale Trail is another eye-pleasing excursion that goes east and west, making it great for quick traveling. If you can’t bring your bike with you, the city hosts a ridesharing system called Divvy that lets you rent one of the affordable bikes from hundreds of stations scattered throughout the city.

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