The best destinations in Central America are a mix of the modern and the old. There are large cities, bucolic towns, and plenty of activities for everyone.

To plan a great reunion, the first thing to do is pick a destination. The first thing everyone will ask is; “where are we going?” A good destination will provide fun and entertainment, but a great destination will have something for everybody. Not everyone wants to relax on the beach, and not everyone wants to hike through the jungle to find a waterfall. The countries of Central America have a little bit of everything. Look at the best destinations in Central America before deciding on your reunion spot.

Panama City, Panama

Panama is an amazing country with plenty to do. Most people associate it with the famed Canal, but there’s so much to see and do beyond that. Panama City is the capital city, and it’s home to over four million people—this modern city has everything to offer. Among the fun things to do outside the city is the best deep sea sport fishing in the world. You’ll find protected marine habitats for diving, a volcano, and lush rain forests with amazing bio-diversity. Hike through the forests, and discover one of the dozens of waterfalls or species of parrot that dwell within.

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Once you get to Lake Atitlan, you’ll never want to leave. The towns surrounding the lake bring in many international visitors who can wander about and explore. When the sun goes down, San Pedro is where to go for the nightlife and restaurants. International backpackers prefer this spot. Nearby San Marcos is a more relaxed town with yoga studios and restaurants serving organic foods.

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Located on the Caribbean coast, Puerto Viejo is known for a relaxed attitude and world-famous surfing. This place beckons visitors to experience the eccentric side of Costa Rica. With so many outdoor activities, one hardly knows where to begin. You’ll have miles and miles of beaches to relax, snorkel, and dive in; the lush forests also provide a great place to explore nature. You can also go to indigenous communities for a rich cultural experience. Only eleven miles separate this town from Cahuita, another place worth taking a day trip to.