The 5 Most Relaxing Vacation Destinations for Large Groups


If you’re planning a family reunion, take a look at some of these relaxing vacation destinations for large groups to get the most out of your travels!

There’s something so beautiful about family reunions. Gathering everyone together for days of joy, laughter, and reconnection is something to celebrate—so why not celebrate with a destination reunion? Luckily, there are tons of places in the States and around the world that can cater to your family’s needs. Whether you want a weekend of adventure or a weekend of fine dining, a multitude of places will fit your needs. Today, we’ll discuss the perfect reunion spots for groups looking for serenity. Take a look at these most relaxing vacation destinations for large groups below. You don’t want to miss these spots!

Tuscany, Italy

Italy is a prime destination spot for a myriad of reasons. There are not only tons of charming places to see, but also an abundance of history and culture to fill your family members’ minds. If your family loves museums, you can spend a day wandering Florence, or you can enjoy the rolling hills of the countryside in a sweet villa. The options for beautiful simplicity are endless in Italy.

Telluride, Colorado

In general, Colorado is a fantastic spot for a relaxing family reunion. Plenty of towns and cities across the state can accommodate large groups, but one of our favorites is the idyllic Telluride. Whether you want a day of skiing or a relaxing day at your grand, remote vacation home, you can get all of that and more in Telluride. Enjoy the spellbinding views at one of the many mountaintop restaurants—it’s a reunion your family won’t forget!

Alberta, Canada

Canada is another glorious choice for a relaxing reunion. The open air and endless nature make it perfect for families that love to explore and exercise. Head out for a family hike at Banff National Park or for a horse ride through the plains. Alberta offers tons for you and your family to explore and even more space for you to stay. Enjoy a night by the fire with mountain peaks in the background when you plan a reunion in Canada.

Napa Valley, California

Next on our list is a place meant for an adults-only reunion. If everyone in your family is grown, then plan your reunion to one of the best wine regions in the States. The wine isn’t the only thing that will relax you for your trip; the great food, breathtaking landscapes, and mild temperatures make it a perfect place as well. Ride the wine train as a family, or book your stay at a ranch for spa days and ultimate relaxation.

Llŷn Peninsula, North Wales

Last on our list is winsome Llŷn Peninsula. Instead of opting for the more popular spots in Great Britain, why not take your family to the hidden gems in North Wales? Here your family will find a variety of seaside villages, beaches, and walking trails with coastal views. Book a home and enjoy the stress-free atmosphere with your family!

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