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A road rally scavenger hunt can be a fun activity at your next reunion, party or get together. This hunt is nothing more than a scavenger hunt using cars.

There is no limit to the number of teams you can have with a road rally scavenger hunt, just be sure you have a seat belt for each person in your car and an adult driver. Give each team a digital camera or be sure someone in each car has a cellphone. In order to get points, there must be photographic evidence of each task that is completed.

Create a list of tasks that are safe and time friendly. Give each task or challenge a point value. The photo that is the hardest to get should be worth the most points. You can award additional points for creativity or for extra effort. Set a time limit for the group to be back. It should be reasonable-anywhere from one to two hours.

Photo hunt, that is. Photo courtesy of Nancy Schretter

Wild animals might be part of your hunt. Photo hunt, that is. Photo courtesy of Nancy Schretter

When the group comes back, compare pictures. It is most fun to project the pictures up on a large screen or wall so that everyone can see the photos the other teams took. There will be lots of cheering and booing but being able to view all the photos just makes the activity that much more fun.

Award prizes to the winning team and consider giving the driver of the winning car a gas card.


Below is a list of suggestions for your road rally scavenger hunt:

  1. Find a gumball machine and buy one gumball for everyone in your car. Take a picture of everyone blowing a bubble- score 1 point for every bubble in the picture.
  2. Go to the closest fast food restaurant and take a picture with one of the employees.
  3. Make a human pyramid using all your team members. Ask someone to take a picture for you.
  4. Take a picture of someone walking a dog.
  5. Find someone to dance on Main Street and take their picture.
  6. Take a picture of a moon. (Extra points can be awarded for creative solutions like finding a moon in local signage.)
  7. Find a park with swings and take a picture of your team swinging on them.
  8. Have teammates empty their pockets and purses. Find as many pennies as you can and take a picture. You get one point for every penny you have. (You can’t exchange other money for pennies- they must be pennies you already had on you.)
  9. Go to a gas station and put $1.00 worth of gas in your car, take a picture of the pump with $1.00 on it. Deduct one point for every cent you are over or under.
  10. Abbey Road – Take a photo at a quiet street crossing of your team members recreating the Beatles’ famous album cover.
  11. Go to the slide of the nearest playground and get of picture of each team member going down it.
  12. Go to a convenience store like 7/11 and buy a fountain drink and walk out backwards. Take a picture of the 7/11 door.
  13. Ask someone for their business card. Take a picture of them, the card and two of your team members.
  14.  Take a picture of your group by any historical landmark.
Scavenger hunt idea: Pose dancing with an unsuspecting stranger

Scavenger hunt idea: Pose dancing with an unsuspecting stranger. Photo courtesy of Marilyn Stewart

If your road trip ends at a location that is part of your family heritage, your challenges can include finding an ancestor’s headstone, the high school grandpa attended or the store where grandma had her first job. You could also hunt for a sign with a family name on it.

I like to keep challenges fun, safe, and not too embarrassing. Get a group of your most creative friends or family together to make your list and see where your road rally will take you.

Marilynn Stewart

Marilynn Stewart

Marilynn Stewart, Aunt Mo, as everyone calls her, has been planning family reunions and parties for more than 40 years with her husband Uncle Stevo. She is the owner of the website which specializes in reunion theme ideas.

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