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Family travel is on the rise and a Disney vacation doesn’t have to break the bank with these budget-friendly recommendations for ways to save

The price tag for a Disney vacation can be staggering, especially since travel costs haven’t been so kind to our wallets recently. Thankfully, with these money-saving tips, it is possible for your family travel itinerary to include the Magic Kingdom. Plan ahead to save money on lodging, dining, transportation and Walt Disney World park tickets. Try these cost-cutting techniques and gather your loved ones in the most magical place on earth.

Family Travel During Peak, Off and Shoulder Seasons

First and foremost, when deciding which time of year is most affordable for your Disney vacation, there are several things to consider. It’s recommended when planning to think at least a month ahead and consider peak (busy), off (quiet) and shoulder (in between) seasons.

Family vacation to Disneyland

Peak Season at Disney

Disney’s peak season includes significant holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and July Fourth.  Christmas and New Year’s are the most coveted times to visit because of the spectacular festivities and holiday decorations. The holiday season is a glorious and opportune time for family and friends to come together. However, it can prove more expensive and often overpopulated with large crowds and long lines. For example, the typical, and also hot and humid, summer vacation months are bustling with large crowds and families.

Disneyland Off Season

Off-season months are typically when school is in session and there are no federal holidays nearby. This means cheaper rates, fewer crowds and shorter lines for dining and attractions.

Shoulder Season

If you’re not willing to sacrifice the enchantment of Disney at Christmas, don’t fret. There’s still the shoulder season as a way to enjoy the grandiose décor and spirited events of the holidays without paying full price. Choose a month close enough to the actual holiday but far enough beforehand or after that crowds are fewer and prices haven’t yet spiked. Walt Disney World has families and visitors in mind by lengthening the holiday seasons and decorating well before and after. This way, more folks can join in the one-of-a-kind festivities and outstanding decorations.

Family Vacation to Disney for a great price
Family Disney vacation offers provide affordable prices for family groups.

Discounted Online Disney Vacation Tickets

As you start planning your Disney vacation, consider buying tickets in advance, whether it’s for a theme park family reunion or just a small family adventure. Buying tickets in advance for your trip will ensure you’re locked into the most current (and lowest) ticket rates. With ticket costs increasing each year, it’s a surefire way to save big if you plan your visit ahead of time.

Don’t Get Scammed at Disney

There are very few legitimate online Disney theme park ticket sellers, so be vigilant and wary of those “too good to be true” deals. Here are two reliable sites to check out.

Get Away Today 

One trusted company is authorized seller Get Away Today. You can purchase a multitude of discounted Disney resort tickets for stays ranging from 3-9 days. They offer ticket options for dining, transportation, four Disney theme parks and tours, and two water parks. Get Away Today believes that the longer you stay, the more you save, allowing your group to enjoy more of the Magic Kingdom.

Undercover Tourist 

Another trustworthy company for online discount Disney tickets is authorized seller Undercover Tourist. You can choose among four spectacular ticket combinations for unique Disney World vacation possibilities. Both of these websites sell tickets that are compatible with the necessary My Disney Experience app along with the MagicBands.

Disneyland Line Skipping and Park Hopping

Line skipping on a Disney vacation is always fulfilling, but it may not always the best option. Park hopping is another favorite among Disney park goers. Whatever you choose, here are some things to consider when deciding.

Line Skipping Passes

Many visitors opt for paying extra and take advantage of line skipping by purchasing a Genie+ pass to use the day of. But is it really worth it? The cost is around $15 per person per day and is limited to use at designated rides and attractions as a one-time use. This service is based on a first-come, first-serve scenario depending on the daily number of park goers. Accordingly, tickets go on sale at 7 am until availability is sold out. Lightning Lanes are another option and tickets range from $7-$15. They can be purchased separately but are more limited in which attractions offer them.  

The general consensus of those who have tested the system is that it can be a bit overwhelming to use. In addition, it requires more screen time to ensure you’re always up to the minute on available spots. They also enforce a 120 minutes or 2 hours rule where you have to wait that length of time before purchasing your next line skipping ticket.

It’s possible to save money on a Disney vacation by not buying these line-skipping tickets and using the old Standby lines Disney still offers at every attraction.

Park Hopping

Park Hopping is an option for guests who want to visit two, three or all four Disney World theme parks on the same day. While this was undoubtedly feasible years ago, today, park hopping doesn’t start until 2 pm. The caveat is that although you have a pass, you may still be turned away due to parks being at capacity. By preceding the Park Hopping pass, you’ll definitely save money and a little sanity by simply enjoying individual parks and their offerings.

Family Vacation to Disney with Accommodations
Family Disney vacation accommodations are full of family experiences and outstanding atmospheres.

Disney Vacation Accommodations

Let’s talk lodging. Accommodations can indeed be a very pricey part of your Disney vacation. However, there are ways to save money on hotel rooms and other lodging opportunities. Sure, staying on-site at the Magic Kingdom would be the icing on the cake. But this isn’t always possible for groups trying to save money on family travel and Disney stays.

Off-site Lodging 

If you think about it, time spent at the hotel is minimal compared to what you came to Walt Disney World for – the memorable escapades. By absenting fancy lodging and staying off-site at a modest hotel, you can spend your hard-earned dollars elsewhere inside the park on more important things. Try online booking sites like, Trivago or Kayak, where prices are much more manageable. In fact, these companies typically compete for the best prices.

DVC Points for Rent at Disney

Another safe and secure option is renting Disney Vacation Club points (DVC). If you’re planning a 2023 or future Disney vacation, renting DVC points is worth considering. This is how it works. Any Disney Vacation Club member can “rent” their DVC points to folks wanting to experience Deluxe Resort rooms but don’t want to pay for a membership just yet. It’s a great way to test accommodations before committing to the club. You can save up to half the total cost of lodging if you plan ahead and use this method. Check with Disney beforehand to understand their current DVC procedures.

On-Site Disney Value Resorts

If staying on-site at Disney World is an absolute must, consider lodging at Disney’s value resorts like Art of Animation and All-Star Movies to name a couple. You end up paying a comparable amount at an off-site value hotel. A bonus is you have early access to the Lightning Lanes and are granted a 30-minute early entrance to the parks, including free transportation services to get you there.

Transportation and Parking at Disneyland

Speaking of transportation, if you are visiting the park each day from an off-site location that is not a Disney-affiliated resort or hotel, parking can cost $25 or more per day. A great perk for Disney resort guests is free theme park parking, but they pay for overnight parking at Disney hotels.

Disney’s Free Services

A sure way to save both money and the hassle of driving is to utilize the free services offered by Disney World hotels. Their shuttles take visitors to and from the different theme parks. This excludes shuttle services from Orlando International Airport as Disney has since suspended its Magical Express airport shuttle to the parks.

Dining at Disney Land
Dining at Disneyland on a Disney vacation is an experience all on its own!

Restaurants and Dining at Disney

Dining at Disney World can be an experience all its own with character meals and enchanting Disney-themed restaurants. However, it can also mean digging deeper into your wallet. Don’t worry. There are still ways to save your dollars when dining during your Disney vacation.

Home Cooked Meals at Disney Vacation Suites and Villas

If you are staying at a Disney hotel suite or villa that provides a kitchen, your most cost-efficient option is buying groceries to prepare family meals and snacks for the day. Stock up on affordable on-the-go snacks and utilize a full kitchen for cooking at home.

Quick Service Eateries

Another option is to choose Quick Service park eateries where you can order food and pick it up at the counter, unlike full-service restaurants with long wait times and pricier checks. These Quick Service restaurants also offer free water cups to stay hydrated. If you bring your reusable water bottle, Disney World has numerous water refill stations throughout the park.

Less is More at Disneyland

For teens and adults who eat lighter, choose from the kids’ options on menus that have more modest portions and pricing. You can also bring snacks to the park to help stave off the hunger cravings that may entice you to spend on unnecessary meals.

Disney Dining Promo Card

The well-received Disney Dining Plan was a favorite among Disney World park-goers. Today, Disney offers their Disney Dining Promo Card eligible to redeem at numerous resorts on specific dates on stays of four days and longer.

Disney souvenirs and experiences for families include character interactions and memorable encounters.

The Secret to Disney Souvenirs During Family Travels

Souvenirs are essential to the vacation experience and can become quite expensive at Disney World. A way to save money on souvenirs is to start with a realistic budget. Remember that experiential memories with loved ones are more valuable than material items.

Disney Outlet Stores

Disney outlet stores are abundant in and around Orlando and sell authentic Disney merchandise at discounted prices. An excellent hack for parents is to purchase a few keepsakes for the kiddos from online Disney retailers or outlet stores ahead of time. This prevents spending full price at park gift shops.

Disney Visa Credit Card Points

If you have a Disney Visa credit card, you automatically save money on purchases. Plus you receive points that can be used in the future at any Disney retail store. For other offers, check for up-to-date deals like Disney+ subscribers’ hotel room discounts, special pricing for military members and other perks.

Save Money Using Credit and Gift Cards

Credit cards offer an array of rewards including cash back and points that can be used towards a myriad of things like airfare and hotel costs. You can use credit card reward points to purchase Disney World theme park tickets, but only through authorized online sellers such as Undercover Tourist and not directly via Disney.

Disney gift cards are another idea to save money at Disney World. You can purchase Disney gift cards at most big retailers like Walmart and Target for discounted prices. You can then use these for dining and souvenirs at the park.

These are just some money-saving tricks for your Disney vacation. You can also research the most current coupons and offers from both Disney and affiliate Disney links as well as other authorized sellers.

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