Planning a family reunion isn’t always easy. It’s best to account for everyone’s availability and ability to travel and ensure the destination works for all the intended guests. When thinking about how you should plan your next family reunion, remember these helpful tips to make the whole ordeal more manageable.

Account for the Season

The different seasons and the climate of your destination are things to consider. During the summer, it’s nice to get everyone together for some time on the beach, but during the autumn, it might be better to look at a mountain cabin getaway.

Remember that ideally, you’ll be planning the reunion at least a couple of months in advance, so don’t base your location on the current climate.

Organize Activities Ahead of Time

When planning your next family reunion, something to consider is what activities to do. It’s good to have an itinerary; however, packing the trip with too many events is a quick way to burn everybody out. Remember, the main draw of your reunion is to get everybody together to see one another, and running around nonstop turns a nice trip into an exhausting ordeal.

The best thing you can do is find one or two casual events to spread out over the duration of the reunion. Keeping your schedule casual ensures everyone can enjoy the activities without feeling rushed or pressured.

Encourage Private Time

It may have been a while since everybody last saw each other, but forcing people to interact constantly may guarantee an even larger gap between this reunion and the next. As you plan your next family reunion, be sure to account for personal time. If your family is spending time on a relaxing getaway, everybody may have their own idea of fun.

It helps to give people the afternoons to relax. Be sure to have a plan that involves everybody meeting up for dinner or an evening campfire.