Ideas for a family reunion may cloud your brain. When you think you have all the answers, a family member may change the question. Therefore, choosing something everyone will enjoy is your primary mission. For those who love the outdoors, camping offers plenty of fun experiences. Here are the most fun activities to do during a family camping trip.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a fail-proof way to entertain restless children. It doesn’t need to be anything extravagant, considering most children enjoy the hunt no matter what it is. An excellent way to get the entire family engaged in an activity is to have them go on a mission. Keep things in a safe perimeter so that they don’t veer off. Hopefully, a scavenger hunt can distract them for hours.


A lovely thing about going on a camping trip is enjoying nature the intended way. Hiking is an activity that allows you to take in the tranquil sights and sounds. Make sure you follow each other and don’t deviate from the trail to ensure everyone’s safety. Additionally, bring your survival tools, like a compass, in case you lose your way.


A serene pastime that passes down from generation to generation is the art of fishing. If you’re at a site that permits this activity, you’ll likely have several family members jump at the opportunity to come along.

An expert angler can even make their own flies. In fact, tying your own flies can enhance your fishing experience and save some money. Plus, if you’re lucky, you might even catch that night’s dinner.

Enjoy a Campfire

Building a campfire lends itself to numerous opportunities for fun. It can be as simple as making s’mores or other yummy treats. Or you might tell a scary story in the dark. Regardless of your decision, settling around a toasty, crackling campfire is something anyone can enjoy.


Stars seem much clearer when you’re out in the wilderness. Thus, stargazing is another enjoyable venture that many will appreciate. Bringing a telescope along will expand the universe, assuming it’s not a hassle to pack and move. Locate the constellations and appreciate the moon; you might even see where Neil Armstrong made his footprint.


The peaceful landscape is the perfect environment for any artsy family member to capture a photo. Seeing a caterpillar on a leaf or a bird soaring in the sky is a wonderful piece an amateur photographer can add to their portfolio. Also, having a photographer in the family helps document all the fun you will have at this family reunion.

Any of these fun activities to do during a family camping trip are delightful. It can be challenging to find something everyone can enjoy, so you may not please everyone. But you won’t know what adventures you like until you try them, so enjoy all the experiences you can. For more fun reunion ides, our Fun and Games at Your Next Reunion guide will help you budget, plan, and brainstorm for games.