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Your friends and family are extraordinary, so why plan an ordinary reunion? Step out of the box this year and try something new – but even the freshest ideas and most unconventional travel plans require a place to sleep, and hotels can feel monotonous and mundane. Enliven your next reunion by exploring more unconventional travel accommodations to enrich your excursion. Although these alternatives may not include a continental breakfast, you will find they encourage more time spent with your group and yield memories you’ll treasure for years to come.


Instead of checking into a typical inn, reserve an Airbnb and see your city of choice through the eyes of a local. Airbnb offers renting opportunities for one-of-a-kind homes in every city imaginable. Hosts provide rooms for travelers and a homey atmosphere, as well as advice about activities in the area through their distinct perspective. Whether you’re looking for a treehouse in the forest, a beachside cottage, a charming lake house or a cozy apartment in the city, Airbnb listings have it all at a variety of prices. The website also includes a list of local-led activities you can book for your reunion group such as boat rides, scenic hikes, bike tours and much more. Since Airbnb operates through average citizens, the prices are often cheaper than professional programs and hotel packages. Staying at a local’s house and participating in local-led ventures not only allows for a more personalized experience, but it lends itself to a more intimate group setting.


What better place to reconnect with family and friends than in the back of an RV? Road trips are perfect to facilitate bonding and memory-making. Most RVs can seat up to ten passengers and contain features to ensure a comfortable journey such as full bathrooms, kitchens, storage and entertainment.

Wherever your travels may take you, free campgrounds are available throughout the country, especially near national parks. Campgrounds can range from simple to luxurious and often include wi-fi access, a water supply and waste disposal services. Some of the most extravagant RV resorts include Zion River Resort in Utah, Bella Terra of Gulf Shores in Alabama and Aztec RV Resort in Florida. El Monte RV and Cruise America are two major rental companies that provide travelers with a vehicle to suit their needs.

A trip by motorhome is perfect for a reunion because it allows for spontaneity and there is no need for hotel reservations months in advance. Plus, RVs permit pets to travel and are significantly cheaper than other forms of transportation. Make a home out of your vehicle and take your next reunion on the road for endless fun per mile.


Rental cabins or houses for group travel not only ensure pleasant living arrangements but can also serve as a home away from home. Rentals are ideal because your group will be able to fully unpack and make the space their own. A cabin or cottage also allows your family and friends to cook meals together, watch a movie and other meaningful pastimes that are often overlooked when planning reunions.

Renting a living space is especially convenient if your group wants to stay near water or in nature. Cabins in forests or near mountains provide a snug home base after tiring hikes or long days outside without completely withdrawing from the natural setting. Cottages by the coast are perfect for groups looking for a relaxing retreat, as they offer gorgeous landscapes and effortless beach access. Some of the most popular rental destinations for vacations include the Florida Panhandle, Lake Tahoe and Cape Cod.


Take the road less traveled and turn your next reunion into a camping adventure in your terrain of choice. Camping lends itself to bonding among groups because it allows travelers to put aside cell phones and other distractions and encourages quality time spent with one another. Feel closer to your travel group and the environment in a deluxe tent by Sierra Designs or L.L Bean.

Pitch a tent in some of the best camping sites in the country like Acadia National Park in Maine or Yosemite National Park in California. Your group will remember the simple pleasure of a s’more and the classic beauty of starry night unclouded by city smog. Not only will your friends and family enjoy a little break from reality, but they will reap the natural benefits of spending time outdoors such as a better sleep schedule and consistent physical exercise.


Combine picturesque sightseeing with much-needed relaxation on a luxury cruise ship with your favorite people. Planning a reunion becomes incredibly easy when a cruise itinerary covers every meal, destination and activity during your trip. Because cruise prices are so inclusive, they often end up being more affordable than most vacation alternatives. Plus, some lines even allow children to sail for free and offer special deals for groups.

Your reunion will be far from average while aboard an opulent ship that not only provides a slew of onboard entertainment, but also the opportunity to explore new places. Book your voyage through some of the most well-known cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, Carnival or Disney to experience what many have dubbed “the best vacation ever.”

An atypical reunion will undoubtedly deepen its lasting impacts, intensify its benefits and even save you some money. Even better, your travel group will appreciate your extra thought into planning an excursion that is as unique and special as they are.

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