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Reunions need not be tame in their itineraries. If your group wants some action, you can include these adventurous vacation activities in your future plans.

Getting together for your typical reunion usually involves eating together and perhaps going sightseeing in a lively city or through pretty, natural scenery. But maybe your group isn’t so typical. Maybe everyone can agree that going the ordinary route isn’t stimulating enough. If this is the case for you and your friends or family members, you should plan to do some adventurous vacation activities next time you want to hold a reunion. Although the current issues with COVID-19 make travel unwise, you can still use these ideas as inspiration for your collective pursuit of thrills in the future.

Go Rafting

When you have a whole bunch of people, going rafting is great because you’ll probably be able to fit most or all the members of your group on one large raft. Once everyone’s on board, you’ll paddle together through some fast-flowing, uneven waters, facing bumps, falls, and plenty of splashes along the way. With rafting available all over the world, you’ll also get to experience the breathtaking sites around the river you’re in—that is, until you’re too preoccupied with getting through the frothing current to notice them.

Explore a Cave

Go subterranean and explore labyrinths that few get to see outside of pictures. There are numerous tours you can take through these almost unearthly hidden realms, but make no mistake, these are not your run-of-the-mill walking tours. For example, in the Gua Nasib Bagus (Good Luck Cave) in Borneo, you will need to swim part of the way through. In Tennessee’s Craighead Caverns, you’re required to get on all fours and crawl your way through tight spaces in a journey that lasts overnight. When the time’s right, this will make for a perfect way for your group to put its bravery and physical fitness to the test.

Ride a Helicopter

If the members of your group aren’t afflicted by a fear of heights, taking a seat on a helicopter can allow you to see magnificent landscapes from a new perspective. Check out some of the world’s coolest helicopter rides and take in the colossal heights of Mount Everest or the active volcanoes in Hawaii. The intricacies of developed cityscapes are also impressive marvels to behold from a helicopter. Seeing so much with such ease may leave you feeling reluctant to land back down on the ground and become earthbound once more.

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