8 Bucket List Trips to Book


Consider these domestic and international destinations for your next reunion

New year, new memories. 2022 has officially begun, and travelers are gearing up to book their group getaways for the year. At Destination Reunions, we believe that although we’re still in a pandemic, we have faith that the world will be able to progressively control COVID-19 with strong improvements. With that being said, we’ll be sharing some of the most popular domestic and international destinations that groups are booking for the spring and summer seasons.

Domestic Destinations


When you hear the name “Hawaii,” what do you think of? Many will say volcanoes, but there are so many ways to describe Hawaii because the island state is home to many exquisite natural landscapes. With its tropical environment, Hawaii offers activities like visiting lush forests, watching exotic wildlife, snorkeling and volcano trekking for travelers. If you’re looking for an outdoorsy adventure or a tropical getaway from the U.S. mainland, Hawaii is the place to go. With the islands only 10 hours away from New York and five hours away from Los Angeles, this flower-filled destination is family-friendly and suitable for groups of all ages.

Courtesy of NPS

Courtesy of NPS


Have the Northern Lights been on your bucket list for ages but you’re not ready to leave the country yet? Head to frosty cold state of Alaska, where flights from Los Angeles are a mere five hours. With a wide range of winter-oriented activities, it’s a destination where travelers can escape the typical winters on the U.S. mainland and have a unique, nature-filled experience instead. Head to the Glacier Bay National Park and Reserve to see huge iceberg formations or visit the Denali National Park and Reserve to catch a glimpse of grizzly bears in the wild. For those of you specifically interested in visiting the Northern Lights, the city of Fairbanks is the place to be to get the best views. To top it off, you can go sled racing with huskies for an invigorating experience.


Home to incredible natural sights, Arizona is a bucket list destination we recommend for everyone to visit at least once. While the Grand Canyon is the most well-known natural attraction, Arizona has a dozen of other things to see as well. From the Horseshoe Bend to the Desert Botanical Gardens, it’s an oasis. Additionally, we at Destination Reunions are most intrigued by the famous “Wave,” a naturally occurring sandstone rock formation only accessible through hiking. While the hike is relatively easy, the entrance requirements are quite difficult. Due to its popularity, only 20 permits are issued per day. Ten are awarded from a lottery that travelers must enter four months prior to their visit. The remaining 10 are given randomly on the day of to those who are counting their luck. With that being said, we highly recommend you still enter the lottery and not get discouraged because the restrictions are in place to preserve the natural formation without being overcrowded.

 Walt Disney World

Unleash your inner child at the magical place known as Walt Disney World, “Where Dreams Come True.” Located in sunny Orlando, nothing beats a trip to Disney, where the whole family is catered to regardless of age. Additionally, you can visit the theme park during any part of the year and still have great weather with plenty of activities and entertainment. Walt Disney World will also be launching several new highly anticipated attractions including the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind rollercoaster and the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser. With several new concepts rolling out in 2022, you’ll never be bored in Walt Disney World.

International Destinations

Courtesy of Sonia Anand

Courtesy of Sonia Anand


If there’s one thing about Spain, it’s that we’ve never heard a single traveler say they didn’t like the country. Barcelona is the largest cosmopolitan city in Spain with a diverse population. Because it sits right on the Catalonian coast, you have the best of both worlds with bustling city life, relaxing beaches and an abundant amount of sunlight. For architecture lovers, Barcelona is home to majority of Antoni Gaudi’s artwork. Take a trip to Park Güell and explore the famous mosaics designed by Gaudi or take a historic chocolate tour and learn about Barcelona’s famous chocolatiers while sampling the recipes. In regards to COVID-19, Spain is one of the few countries that have the least-restrictive travel protocols for incoming arrivals, making it a popular choice for groups and families alike.

Amalfi Coast

Every year, millions of travelers flock to the glitzy Amalfi coast to spend their summer vacation. Known as the place that produces Italy’s limoncello liqueur, Amalfi has some of the most beautiful collections of little towns in the southern coast. Some of the best experiences it has to offer include wine tastings, traditional cooking classes and coastline boat excursions. While the costs of vacationing in Amalfi have skyrocketed over the years, adults traveling in a group can minimize the hefty price tag in numerous ways. These include being flexible with your travel dates, sharing accommodations and booking tours that offer discounts specifically for groups.


Paris is always a good idea, regardless of what time of year it is. It’s another cosmopolitan city that you can visit year-round and still have plenty of things to do. Furthermore, Paris is constantly introducing new museum exhibitions, outdoor events and unique experiences for tourists. Being in the center of Europe means you have plenty of options outside the city center as well. Head 2.5 hours south for a day-trip to the Loire Valley, where you’ll see fairy tale châteaux scattered throughout the region. Amp up the trip even more with a hot air balloon ride across the valley while enjoying a glass of champagne.


Calling all pasta and gelato fans! One of the most visited destinations in the world is Italy’s capital, Rome. The city holds so much Roman history and the most famous places of interest including the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum and the Sistine Chapel. Besides Rome’s architecture, it’s a world-class city for those who love Italian cuisine. This is a family-friendly destination that is a great educational introduction to one of the oldest civilizations for young children. Additionally, for travelers looking to visit more than one country, Vatican City is only 15 minutes away by car, making it very accessible to travelers.

As we begin the new year, it’s an opportunity for families and groups to book those bucket-list trips they’ve been wanting to visit for a long time. As we grow accustomed to COVID-19 and the varying restrictions in place, now is the time to book your spring and summer vacations. With dozens of airlines, hotels and third-party booking sites offering flexibility, you can have peace of mind. Whether domestic or international, if anything comes up you can decide what’s best for you by requesting flight credits, full refunds or rescheduling your trip to a later date. We’re excited to hear your future plans and feel free to let us know where you’ll be heading.

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