There’s something so enchanting about a trip planned around wine. Book your next family reunion to one of the most beautiful destinations for wine lovers!

Planning a reunion for your family full of wine-lovers? We’ve got you covered with some of the most beautiful destinations for wine-lovers. From California to Australia, these breathtaking locations will provide you and your group with some of the finest wine you’ll ever taste. Start planning now—you won’t be able to resist the pull from the vino!

Sonoma County, California

There’s something about California wineries that gets an oenophile’s taste buds tingling, and for good reason. The wine in Sonoma is just as good (some people say better) than the wine in Napa Valley, and the area is much less crowded. The perfect spot for your family reunion, Sonoma County is just an hour from San Francisco, so if you need a break from sipping, there are plenty of other activities available—such as the area’s 50 different nature parks! Beauty isn’t hard to find when you’re sipping next to redwood forests and rugged coastlines.

Barossa Valley, Australia

This valley is famous for producing some of Australia’s finest rieslings and Shiraz. Your family will love the tremendous beauty of Australia, and the wine tastings at Barossa Valley’s stunning chateaus will make the long trip quite worth it. There are plenty of notable wineries, from Thorne-Clarke to Seppetfield (where you can taste wines from everyone’s birth year!), that will make you want to stay forever.

Mosel Valley, Germany

Ever wanted to sip wine while overlooking rolling hills and a lazy river from the second floor of a castle? That’s what you and your family can get when you plan your family reunion at Mosel Valley. The area’s scenic beauty alone will grab your attention, but then when you take a look at the wineries, you’ll have no problem booking your ticket. Try out a gewürztraminer from the country itself, or sip on some of the world’s sweetest rieslings. Plan your visit for late summer or early autumn, and you’ll be in for some of the most alluring views.

Beaujolais, France

There are so many gorgeous, wine-focuses places in France to visit. We loved the calm and serene nature of Beaujolais. Sure, Bordeaux and Provence are exceptional options, but if you’re worried about walking your family through crowded streets, then your best bet is to choose the repose of Beaujolais. Get lost among the rolling hills; at every turn, you’ll find a quaint village with unbelievable wines. Don’t miss it!

Lake Garda, Italy

A family reunion in Italy is always a good way to go, and when you choose Lake Garda, you’re introducing your family to endless sophistication and beauty. We love nothing more than sipping wine over the clear waters of the lake! Stay at one of the many stunning villas, and gallivant through the charming streets to the winery of your choosing. From the area’s scrumptious Bardolino red to its spicy rosato known as Chiaretto, you’ll get to sip on some of the most unique wines in one of the most charming areas. Start planning now!

If you decide to plan a wine-filled family reunion, make sure you have driving plans in order. Sip responsibly, understand how wine affects your body, and—most importantly—don’t drink and drive. You may feel good, but you don’t want to put your family in danger. Happy sipping!