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Five Things Reunion Planners Should Stop Doing Now

For more than a century, the mailbox and the rotary dial phone were how we communicated. But times have changed. We no longer have eight track tapes, floppy disks, typewriters and no one is using shorthand. Family reunion planners should embrace the advances in technology when sending invitations and keeping in touch with family members. [...]

Hotel Mega Section

SEE THIS ARTICLE IN THE WORKBOOK BY DOWNLOADING THE DIGITAL EDITION Traditional hotels still dominate the landscape The supply of new hotels in the U.S. grew by more than [...]

How to Use Social Media to Plan Your Reunion

Remember all the fun you had with your cousins as a kid? Playing softball, swimming and searching for frogs? Whatever happened to your old high school friends? Your mates in the military?Wouldn’t it be fun to see everyone again, catch up and share stories? [...]

Mexico’s Grand Riviera

Bursting onto the tourism scene in the late 1990s, Mexico’s Riviera Maya lies directly south of the popular tourist development of Cancun. In contrast to high-rise [...]
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