All-American Road Trips

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The Return of the Sacred Road Trip

20 years from now, families will be gathered at a family reunion, reflecting back on the Covid-19 pandemic. There will be tragic stories of illness and death. There will be sad stories of job loss and loneliness. And there will be inspirational stories about family bonding and hope. About new directions in life that were hatched.

For my family, it will be stories about our dinnertime chats. With three school-aged children thrust into e-learning, our objective as parents was to provide educational stimulus, but in a fun way. Each day we picked a new state and our kids came to dinner that night with three unique facts and a list of things they wanted to see and do there. From Maine to Hawaii and every place in between, we uncovered details about our nation that would impress even Alex Trebek! The ultimate purpose of this exercise was to get our kids thinking about the future—that there was more to life than our four walls. We wanted to get them excited about a post-Covid-19 world and based on their enthusiasm for the project, I think we succeeded.

It was also the inspiration behind this guide. The entire All-American Road Trips project was conceived and published in less than 60 days, unheard of in the publishing world.

It is brought to you by the entire team at Premier Travel Media who worked under tremendous pressure and reduced resources. All told, over 25 writers, editors, designers and marketers lent their talent to produce this guide.

Our goal is to offer inspiration and guidance to families seeking to hit the road again this summer, fall or winter. After all, you haven’t been out in a while! Not to worry, though, as these talented writers reflect on some of their favorite family vacation destinations and lend inspiration and advice on how to “road trip” better. Our editors hunted down photos and fact-checked from their spare bedrooms in this all-hands-on-deck project.

I hope you enjoy the debut of All-American Road Trips and that you’ll share it with your family and friends so they too can experience the joys of travel once again.

Jeff Gayduk, Publisher

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All-American Road Trips

Below you will find over twenty inspiring and insightful articles to help get you out on the road again with your family.

See America Together: Plan a Family Driving Vacation This Year

Consider camping, houseboating, dude ranches, national parks and other outdoors-oriented options.

by Nancy Schretter

Home for the Holidays? No Way!

All across America, towns and attractions with special Christmas celebrations invite families to hit the road.

by Randy Mink

Doing Disney World with a New Foot

A prosthetic leg doesn’t keep grandma down on a multigenerational trip to Epcot and the Magic Kingdom.

by Cindy Bertram

Colorado’s Front Range Delivers Spectacular Scenery, Long-Lasting Memories

Recalling treasured family vacations in the Rockies.

by Don Heimburger

Don’t Give Up the Ship! Recalling the War of 1812

The Erie Maritime Museum spotlights a colorful chapter in the Navy’s swashbuckling past.

by Harry H. Peck

Berkeley is Beautiful at all Times of the Year

Home to a bustling university and quirky shops, Berkeley is a fabulous travel destination.

by Marty Sarbey de Souto 

Grandfather Mountain: the ‘Crown Jewel’ of the Tar Heel State

Flowers, trees and a beautiful mountain beckon to you.

by Mike May

Smoky Mountain Road Trip: Unexpected Gems

A young family makes delightful discoveries in Georgia, North Carolina and Alabama.

by Karlin Fitzmorris Riles

Exploring Oregon from Coastlines to Cliffs

Sandy shores, mountain majesty and a fun college town highlight a trip to the Pacific Northwest.

by Dan Davis Maloney

When Life Gives You a Road Trip, You Make Memories

Things didn’t go quite as expected, but our winter journey to Florida and back was full of fun little adventures.

by Dan Campana

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Three is definitely not a crowd on this Rocky Mountain high adventure.

by Kathy Nolan

Ultimate Southern Sports Trip

When the games return, hop in the car and visit these venues.

by Jason Paha

Then and Now: Family Travel Rules

Road trip from Chicago to Falmouth is memorable regardless of the year.

by Mary Lu Laffey

Golf is Perfect for a Father, Son, and Grandson Getaway

Golf is a great multi-generational adventure.

by Dave Bodle

College Send-Off on the Road

Family visits iconic American sites before starting a new phase of life.

by Vanessa Day

Road Rally Scavenger Hunt: A Great Team Activity

Get as creative as you want in developing your game plan.

by Marilynn Stewart

Road Trips with Adults, Kids and Retired Parents

Taking a journey by car when the kids are adults and the parents are retired is a magical experience.

by Amanda Walkins

In Defense of the Long Way

Driving has helped our family make lifelong memories that you just can’t get when you fly.

by Tarah Chieffi

Inexpensive & Engaging Activities for Road Trip Entertainment

Limit screen time and encourage family bonding with these games, crafts and audiobooks.

by Miles Dobis

RVing 101: Road Tripping with a Home on Wheels

This is what you need to know for our first RV trip.

by Kerri Cox

American Road Trip Budget Planner

Planning ahead will ensure you and your family can enjoy a wonderful adventure together.

by Amanda Walkins

Great All-Inclusive Family Vacations in the U.S.

From Maine to Montana, these outstanding resorts offer fun options for both kids and adults.

by Nancy Schretter