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Whether this is your first reunion or you’re an old pro, we have you covered.

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2020 Edition

Introducing Destination Reunions

To quote Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

As you nod your head in agreement, you understand the No. 1 reason destination reunions have become so popular. We all want and need to stop, look around and connect with those who are important in our lives. For that reason, our new online and print platform, Destination Reunions, was born.

In addition to the fabulous locations that will be featured online and in print, our editors will help you in your planning with special feature stories and whitepapers about how to plan and organize your reunion from start to finish.

We are here to help you plan your next destination reunion. So mark this day on your calendar as the one that made you stop and look around. Then pick up the phone, send an email, or hook up on social media with relatives or friends and take that first step in creating extraordinary memories at a destination reunion.

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Features & Columns

What’s a Reunion Without Fun & Games

Whether you are a group of college buddies or a family spread out across the globe, reunions are about coming together, spending quality time with everyone and most importantly, having fun while reconnecting. Playing games and participating in activities are paramount...

Theme Park Reunions

Your group will have a rollicking good time, even Grandpa! When you are in the early planning stages of gauging interest from family members and choosing a location, you may want to call around to a few different theme parks to find out what they have to offer. Most...

13 Reunion Budgeting Tips

Reunion planning is a multi-faceted project that shouldn’t be taken on lightly. Whether you’re taking on all the planning yourself or you’re part of a planning committee, there is one aspect of your plans that has to be clear for everyone involved: the budget....

Grand Getaways: the Growing Skip-Gen Travel Trend

Multi-generational travel is booming, fueled in part by today’s 70 million grandparents who want to spend more time making memories with their families. Increasingly, grandparents are finding additional ways to bond with their grandchildren through travel. Known as...

How to Select the Best Reunion Accommodations

From traditional hotels and resorts to offbeat dwellings, the lodging options for reunions are extensive. Discover some of the most popular accommodations and see how they measure up to find the best home for your reunion. Hotels have been the popular choice for...

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Featured Accommodations

Where you stay is more than where you lay your head at night. These premium accommodations offer everything you’ll need to have a stellar reunion.

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Featured Destinations

From Cape Girardeau, Birmingham and South Bend to Lake George Area in New York, this edition features a variety of locales you will want to explore.

Greater Akron Offers Food, Fun and Art

Greater Akron Offers Food, Fun and Art

Historically known as a hub for innovation, Greater Akron stands out as the perfect Midwest locale for hosting your next reunion. Every season, any...

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