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2019 Reunions Workbook

Whether this is your first reunion or you’re an old pro, we have you covered.

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2019 Edition

Destinations & Planning Tips

Another year has elapsed and despite our best attempts to stay young, the passage of time is unrelenting. If you haven’t seen some of your extended family members or long-lost friends, perhaps now is the time to do so before the sands flow through the hourglass any further.

What better way to rekindle your relationship with old friends and family members than hosting a reunion? Certainly, the planning and logistics of organizing a reunion can be daunting, but thankfully, Reunions Workbook is here to help guide you through the process.

This year’s workbook contains an abundance of features that will assist your reunion planning, including stories on how to best use social media to plan an event and the proper technology to utilize during the planning process. We even delve into how to use genealogy to trace your family history, which will liven up any gathering.

Premium Reunion Destination

Encore Resort at Reunion is the perfect place for family reunions! Gather the family together in one of our 4 to 13 bedroom homes and celebrate. We have hospitality teams available to provide activities and great food and drinks so your focus can be on family!

Always Insightful

Features & Columns

Not Looking for a Hotel? Here are Some Other Options

When Organizing a reunion, one of the biggest obstacles planners face is the accommodation of those pesky out-of-town attendees. With the average daily hotel room...

Unplug your Reunion at a Dude Ranch

Dude Ranches conjure up images of the open range, the bunkhouse and the chuck wagon – which is both fairly accurate and a long way from reality. However you...

Hotel Mega Section

Traditional hotels still dominate the landscape The supply of new hotels in the U.S. grew by more than 100,000 rooms in 2018. This is the largest number of new...

How to Use Social Media to Plan Your Reunion

Remember all the fun you had with your cousins as a kid? Playing softball, swimming and searching for frogs? Whatever happened to your old high school friends? Your mates in the military?Wouldn’t it be fun to see everyone again, catch up and share stories?

Find Your Family History for Your Next Reunion

Very family has a story – this legend is emblazoned on wall art, cushion covers and innumerable web pages, but it happens to be true. In fact, every family has a...

Have a Rollicking Good Time with a Theme Park Reunion

  Summertime visit to theme park is an American institution. Call them what you will – amusement parks, roller coaster resorts, adventure parks –theme parks...

Five Things Reunion Planners Should Stop Doing Now

For more than a century, the mailbox and the rotary dial phone were how we communicated. But times have changed. We no longer have eight track tapes, floppy disks, typewriters and no one is using shorthand. Family reunion planners should embrace the advances in technology when sending invitations and keeping in touch with family members.

What is Glamping, and Why is it Great for Reunion Groups?

Prepare yourself for a news flash: Some people just don’t like to camp. And yet, camping isn’t merely a popular reunion activity; it’s just plain popular. According...

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Featured Accommodations

Where you stay is more than where you lay your head at night. These premium accommodations offer everything you’ll need to have a stellar reunion.

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Featured Destinations

From Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri and Kissimmee, Florida to Mall of America in Minnesota, this edition features a variety of locales you will want to explore.

Greater Akron Offers Food, Fun and Art

Greater Akron Offers Food, Fun and Art

Historically known as a hub for innovation, Greater Akron stands out as the perfect Midwest locale for hosting your next reunion. Every season, any...

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