2019 Reunions Workbook

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Another year has elapsed and despite our best attempts to stay young, the passage of time is unrelenting. If you haven’t seen some of your extended family members or long-lost friends, perhaps now is the time to do so before the sands flow through the hourglass any further.

What better way to rekindle your relationship with old friends and family members than hosting a reunion? Certainly, the planning and logistics of organizing a reunion can be daunting, but thankfully, Reunions Workbook is here to help guide you through the process.

Now in its 19th edition, Reunions Workbook is the industry’s most trusted resource, providing a slew of information to usher you through the process of planning, hosting and savoring a reunion. This year’s workbook contains an abundance of features that will assist your reunion planning, including stories on how to best use social media to plan an event and the proper technology to utilize during the planning process. We even delve into how to use genealogy to trace your family history, which will liven up any gathering.

The 2019 Reunions Workbook also features a hotel mega section where we provide tips on negotiating with hotels, offer alternative lodging accommodations to the traditional hotel and take a deep dive into the world of dude ranches and glamping. For those contemplating a destination reunion, we highlight numerous destination locales across the country with our Site InSpection section that begins on page 39.

Happy reunion planning!

Jason Paha -Managing Editor